Schedule a Group "Meet & Greet" at a Senior Community

If there is a need for improved health and wellness at your facility, let's fill the gap and encourage a change! A virtual or in-person "Meet & Greet" will give residents the chance to learn about the newest health and wellness opportunity available. Let’s work together to encourage a Motivated and Moving mindset.

Each "Meet & Greet" lasts roughly one hour. Each includes an introduction, information about our methods for improved overall wellbeing, the six dimensions of health and wellness, and time for questions. We also use this as an opportunity to share how Motivated and Moving, LLC gives back!

Meet and Greet Maksed

Our Approach

The Six Dimensions of Health + Wellness



Value diversity and treat others with respect.

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Accept and take ownership of your actions.

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Improve your overall body function.



Get involved in creative and stimulating activities.

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Respect and care for the world around you.

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Seek and connect with your purpose in life.