1-on-1 Services For Seniors

Are you or a loved one feeling unmotivated? Feeling weak, sore, or tired? Unable to complete the activities you used to? Been discharged from therapy but feel there are still a thing or two to fine-tune?

We offer 1-on-1 services to seniors to help them improve and maintain their health and wellness. We are committed to being partners to our clients for the longterm, and pride ourselves on being a resource to educate and guide them.

Each curriculum is unique and suited specifically for a client's needs. An example curriculum might include things like learning to recognize others' good deeds, journaling, meditation, coping with isolation during the pandemic, becoming engaged with a new hobby, or physical exercises specific to a client's goals.


Expect to see improvements in the following areas:

  • Increased overall wellbeing
  • Increased independence and safety
  • Higher energy and motivation
  • Improved mental capabilities
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Decreased risk of a fall
  • Better ability to use resources
  • Decreased pain

Your Questions Answered

What happens at our initial meeting?

Let us come to YOU! At our initial meeting, we'll work together to devise a curriculum based upon your unique needs and goals. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations by educating you and in turn creating an improved quality of life with a direct focus on health and wellness.

How often should we meet and what results can I expect?

It is highly recommended that our sessions occur two to three times per week. Each session lasts approximately one hour. Direct results of our services can include but are not limited to improved overall wellbeing, independence and safety, improved mental capabilities, decreased hospitalizations, decreased fall risk, increased energy and motivation, improved strength and flexibility, and better abilities to use resources effectively.

How will my curriculum be designed?

Each curriculum is developed by a physical therapist assistant with multiple years of experience in a variety of settings with diverse patient populations. The six dimensions of health and wellness (listed below) will be incorporated into your unique curriculum.

Our 1-on-1 senior services are developed from research, education, and most importantly what we observed as an uncomfortable gap between discharge from therapy and maintaining wellness. We found a NEED and created a SOLUTION. We are here for you!

Our Approach

The Six Dimensions of Health + Wellness



Value diversity and treat others with respect.

smiley face and sad face


Accept and take ownership of your actions.

a tennis shoe


Improve your overall body function.



Get involved in creative and stimulating activities.

opening door


Respect and care for the world around you.

a lotus flower


Seek and connect with your purpose in life.